On 8 April 2014, the European Court of Justice (the “ECJ”), delivered a judgment in which it declared invalid the EU Data Retention Directive (2006/24/EC) (the “2006 Directive”). The matter of validity of the Directive was referred to the ECJ by two joined cases, one from Ireland and one from Austria. The issue prompting these […]

Unmarried Partners do not benefit from the protection given to spouses under the Succession Act. If a partner dies intestate, i.e. without making a will, the surviving partner has no rights of inheritance. Where property is held jointly, however, it will pass to the surviving partner. It is advisable for each partner to make a […]

The Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence has signed into law reforms to the in camera rule for family law and childcare proceedings. The Courts and Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 (Part 2) (Commencement) Order 2014 allow the media to attend and report on family law and childcare proceedings according to strict conditions including […]

The maximum amount of damages for mental distress that can be awarded to the dependants of a deceased person in wrongful death cases under Part IV of the Civil Liability Act 1961 (as amended) increased from €25,394.76 to €35,000. This new limit for solatium took effect from 11th January, 2014. It reflects the increase in […]

 The changes to the monetary jurisdictions of the civil courts provided for in Section 2(1) and Part 3 of the Courts and Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 will take effect on 3rd February, 2014.From 3rd February: the jurisdiction of the District Court in civil proceedings will be limited to €15,000; the jurisdiction of the […]

Following two days of hearing before the EAT in an unfair dismissal case, a substantial award was made by the EAT in favour of our client. The employee had been dismissed on grounds of gross misconduct. The EAT Determination ruled that the letter inviting the employee to a disciplinary hearing had warned that the employee […]

Johnson and Company, Solicitors, based in Cork City provide a full service with regard to the administration of estates after death, in a calm and assuring manner to take the stress out of what is always a difficult process for any family to endure. If a will has been made it must be proved to […]